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Ray Shares His Experience

What Brought You Into Bonita Dental Care?

I was having a problem with pockets between my gums, some sort of early gum disease, and it didn’t seem to be improving. I always thought there are a lot of things to worry about and I didn’t want to worry about outliving my teeth. I thought if I came in here and got that taken care of, it would be one less thing I would have to worry about.

So, once they grind the teeth back to where they should be, the teeth don’t wiggle around so much and the pockets grow back—all is good

Why Did You Choose Sedation Treatment?

They put me under and I was coherent while they were doing it, but I don’t remember it, which is a good thing because I would never have come back after going through it. I probably would have freaked out. But as it was, they did it, I was fine, didn’t have any pain and it was a breeze. I really had a lot of work to be done and it was done in a much shorter period of time because they could knock me out, do what they needed to do and then take me out.

What Did You Think of the Staff?

Everybody in here has been sweet and wonderful.I would tell you they are the best, everybody in here is. I am really a bad patient and very emotional about the whole thing. I spent a few days in tears, but that’s just me, they were fabulous. Everybody in here has been sweet and wonderful. Everyone holds my hand and pats me, and I’m embarrassed because a lot of these people are young enough to be my children but they are having to take care of me because I’m such a baby. They were wonderful. Everyone was sweet and helpful, and it’s done and I’m so comfortable.

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