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Dr Eck Bonita Springs FLBonnie Shares Her Experience With Bone Grafting And Dental Implants

What Were Your Symptoms Before Coming to Bonita Dental Care?

Before I went to Bonita Dental Care, I was in a lot of pain. I would have headaches and couldn’t breathe properly. I was having a lot of trouble in a lot of areas and getting sinus infections like crazy. After I had my implant, it was great.

Bonnie Bonita Springs

What Did Your Dental Implant Treatment Involve?

With the bone grafting, it made the implant procedure even better and less painful, because otherwise I didn’t have enough bone there. They knew the technology that they needed to do to build that bone back up. The procedures just seemed to go perfect with very little pain. The bone grafting, I was really not wanting to have that done. But I came in, and they put me to sleep. They did it and I woke up; no pain and it was great. In fact, I didn’t have to have any prescription drugs—I just had some ibuprofen.

Are You Happy You Came to Bonita Dental Care?

More so than the implant, the bone grafting just kind of sounds bad. If I hadn’t gone there and that hadn’t been caught, then I would have lost all those teeth and been disfigured because the bone would have been gone. So they knew enough on what to do to build it up and make it look the same on the other side.

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