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Dr Eck Bonita Springs FLHebber Shares His Experience With Dental Implants

What Problems Did You Have That Brought You Into Bonita Dental Care?

My smile is my whole thing because God did not give me a beautiful face. Thanks to my smile, I can still win customers, but I was still having a hard time smiling. I would eat and whatever temporary teeth I had in there would come loose. It was pretty embarrassing. I love singing, and I’d be singing and my tooth would pop off. It was bad.

Hebber Bonita Springs

What Has Been the Outcome After Getting Dental Implants?

I’ll tell you what, since the time they did the procedure, I’m like a new man. I can smile, I’m proud of my smile and I’m confident. It’s amazing how people tell me, “Everett, you’ve always been a happy guy, this go getter, but it seems you’ve picked it up a notch that we haven’t seen before.” And that’s because of the confidence I feel now with my teeth. It’s amazing. It changed my life, it really has.

How Was the Implant Process?

His [Dr. Eck’s] advice was the right advice. His recommendations were the right recommendations for me. I came back and they started the process, the surgery part of it, and they did an amazing job. I came out of there that day, the same day I came in, with temporaries that looked like my permanent teeth. They looked better than the teeth I had for fifteen, twenty years. WITH TEMPS. So, he saw me so happy and said, “Hey, don’t get comfortable with those, they are only your temps. You need to come back for your permanent stuff.” So, sure enough I came back and they looked at everything. It was healing fine and even healing sooner than he anticipated. They did the impressions for the permanents, and before you knew it, I came back for my permanent teeth. From that day forward, I’m telling you, life is good.

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