Ray Bonita Springs

Periodontics - Ray

Dr Eck Bonita Springs FLRay Shares His Experience

What Brought You Into Bonita Dental Care?

I was having a problem with pockets between my gums, some sort of early gum disease, and it didn’t seem to be improving. I always thought there are a lot of things to worry about and I didn’t want to worry about outliving my teeth. I thought if I came in here and got that taken care of, it would be one less thing I would have to worry about.

Ray Bonita Springs

What Gum Treatment Did You Receive?

It only took about six visits and they slowly ground down the teeth that were hitting wrong, which were causing the teeth to wobble and allow those pockets to expand. So, once they grind the teeth back to where they should be, the teeth don’t wiggle around so much and the pockets grow back—all is good. They actually put a little piece of paper, it’s kind of like carbon paper, in your mouth; you bite on it and it marks your teeth where they’re hitting. Then they have a little drill and they grind those spots down. They don’t do it all at once because it takes time for the teeth to settle. You come back for another visit and they do the same thing until, finally, they get to the point where they feel your teeth should be.

Are You Happy With Your Result?

I’m happy and it wasn’t major oral surgery, with no hospital visit. It was a simple, to the point, procedure that hopefully will alleviate my problems from here until I no longer need my teeth.

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