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TMJ - Raymond

Dr Eck Bonita Springs FLRaymond Shares His Experience With TMJ

What Brought You Into Bonita Dental Care?

I convinced myself that the reason I had those headaches was because there was a hairline fracture in one of my teeth, because no doctor could find anything else. Other than putting me on meds that made me drowsy, it wasn’t really curing anything. So I was in here having a cavity fixed and I mentioned to him, “Listen, could you take a really good look, because I swear I have a hairline fracture. I can’t think of anything that could cause that kind of pain.” And he kind of looked at me and said okay.

Raymond Bonita Springs

How Did You Feel After Your TMJ Treatment?

I walked out of here and never had another headache. He rescheduled me a week later, did some fine-tuning and a month later did a little more fine-tuning, but I never had those headaches again.

What Did Doctor Eck Find?

He checked them out and said, “I don’t see a hairline fracture, but I think I know what your problem is.” And I said, “Good, because if you do, you’re the only one that does.” And he says, “Let’s take an impression, let’s take a mold.” He says, “You’ve got TMJ.” And I said, “what the heck is TMJ?” He says, “the reason I know you have TMJ is because I had TMJ.”They just ground down all the teeth and it maybe took an hour and a half. He brought the carbon paper in and said, “bite down on this, grind a little bit, we’ll take a little bit more off.”

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